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Why DelQui


Focus on Product Development

Rather than developing products based on customer requests, we utilize our know-how in launching new businesses and developing products to develop products with the aim of making the business successful. By using prototypes to collect the data and evidence that customers need to make decisions, we can develop products without wasting any unnecessary costs.

Focus on Product Development

We specialize in Lean Development from MVP

This approach enables us to focus on the most essential features in the early stages and quickly launch products to the market. By incorporating customer feedback directly and evolving the product, we can flexibly respond to market changes, enhancing the final product's success rate. This method supports your business growth while saving time and costs, offering a strategic advantage in rapidly evolving markets.

We specialize in Lean Development from MVP

Support for Ultra-Small Batches

It's common for new business development projects to have limited budgets. By utilizing no-code and low-code development methodologies, coupled with a certain level of customization, we can develop prototypes aimed at validating user responses in small increments, instead of building large, complex systems.

There's a famous quote by Mark Zuckerberg: "Done is better than perfect," which means that it's better to complete something than to strive for perfection. The answers lie only with the users. What's needed is not just a contractor who will do as told, but a partner who will join in the quest to discover these insights.


Support for Ultra-Small Batches

Support for Japanese Subsidy Grants

DelQui is equipped to handle Japanese Subsidy Grants, which can range from 7.5 million yen to 100 million yen, depending on the application period and company size. We provide support for the application process, enabling new business launches with minimal costs.

Support for Japanese Subsidy Grants



Shopify Addon

Shopify Addon

We excel in developing Shopify Addons specialized in enhancing Shopify stores. These addons make e-commerce store management more efficient and customizable. Tailoring features to specific store needs, improving user experience, and boosting sales are our key strengths. With our advanced technical skills and extensive experience, we elevate your Shopify store to the next level.

Chat Management System

Chat Management System

We also focus on developing a "Chat Management System." This system enhances customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction. It enables real-time communication, allowing quick responses to customer inquiries and feedback. Utilizing AI technology, it offers automated responses and analyzes customer behavior, providing more personalized interactions.

Offshore development specialists

Offshore development specialists

Our team, rich in experience with offshore development in various languages and countries, manages projects, allowing us to offer system development at a more affordable cost than usual. Offshore development has been gaining attention not only for its cost-effectiveness but also as a stepping stone for global expansion in recent years.


Information on DelQui

DelQui is a global engineering team specializing in the development of software and applications necessary for launching new businesses.

Company Name

Del Qui Corporation


January 2022

Headquarters Location

Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture

Overseas Office

Ho Chi Minh City


3.5 million yen

Business Activities

Development of various types of software, mobile app development, IT consulting, development of in-house products, and more


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